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Definitely a star after the recent Australian Open winning and 16th slam title.

A Public Figure beyond Tennis

Apart from his extraordinary success on the tennis court, Roger Federer is a legend of sport far beyond anything that tennis has ever seen. His story can be said to rival that of the great Williams sisters. He was not born in a poor country or to poor parents or to a marginalized community. However he has been a transformative figure in the whole of tennis as well sports in general. The records are heavily in his favor, having just won his sixteenth singles grand slam cup at the expense of the ridiculously overhyped Andy Murray. His ardent fans point to the fact that apart from being a remarkable tennis player, Roger is also an extraordinary human being whose life is an inspiration to everyone. This article is a meager attempt to describe the towering background and achievement of such a great figure. It is neither definitive nor exhaustive but it is a great start to exploring the life and times of the great that is Roger Federer. The tennis has been explored to death thus my decision to incorporate some of the other aspects of his rich life in order to create some balance.

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Tiger Woods was born in California to the Earl Woods and his wife Kutilda. His father was a retired a United States Lieutenant Colonel Army and a Vietnam War Veteran. Tiger has a unique heritage blend of America, Native Indians, Dutch and Chinese descent from his father, and Thai, Dutch and Chinese ancestry from his mother Kutilda. His middle name Tont is actually a traditional Thai name. He eventually got his nickname from his father’s friend, Vuong Dang Phong, who was also a Vietnamese veteran soldier. Woods grew up in Orange County California and graduated from the Western High School in Anaheim back in 1994.

Woods was a child prodigy who began to show his early talents in golf as early as two years old. He was only three when he shot a 47 over nine holes at the navy Golf Club in California. When he was eight he won the boys’ event at the Junior World Golf Championship. He won the Junior Championships again six times which includes four consecutive wins from 1988 to 1991.

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Lance Armstrong is a world class American athlete who won several world cycling championships and also a famous cancer survivor. This remarkable athlete won the highly prestigious Tour de France seven times straight in a row which made him the most successful athlete in the world of cycling. Who is Lance Armstrong and how did he developed such amazing skills to excel both professionally as an athlete and in his personal life as a successful cancer survivor?

This is his story.

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Andre Agassi might be one of the greatest tennis players the world had ever seen, but his personal life out of the tennis courts has attracted much attention as well. Known for his bad boy image, Agassi was aggressive both on courts and in his personal life. It seems that this retired tennis superstar always knew what he wanted and what’s best for him. A history maker, he is the only American tennis player who won eight Grand Slam singles tournament in a single row. He’s fiercely passionate and he’s an inspiration to the new aspiring players. The life story of Andre Agassi never fails to capture our attention.

Agassi was born to the Iranian Emmanuel Mike Aghassian and his wife, Elizabeth in 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Agassi turned professional at the tender age of 16 and never looked back since then. His first ever tournament was held in La Quinta, California where he beat John Austin, 6–4, 6–2 in the first round but lost to Mats Wilander in the second, 6–1, 6-1. He went on to win 60 singles titles, 8 Grand slams titles and an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996. He is the first male player in history to win all four Grand Slam titles on three different paying surfaces, clay, grass and the hard courts.

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