David Robert Joseph Beckham was born at Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone, London. The son of a kitchen fitter and a hairdresser mom, his father and mother were avid fans of Manchester united from the beginning. Young Beckham was first exposed to the game of football when he was a child. The twice runner up for the FIFA World first encounter with Manchester United in 985 at the age of 11 when he became the champion of the Bobby Charlton Soccer skills tournament. The winning prize includes a brief two weeks training period with Terry Venables’ at the Nou Camp. His talents shone and eventually led to his signing up with the Manchester United team.

Beckham joined Manchester on 8 July 1991 as a young trainee which fulfilled this own dreams and his parents’ to see him enter the ranks of the players they used to admire from far. He made his first debut a year later at the age of 17. He had immediate success along with the teammates such as Ryan Giggs, and Paul Scholes. This dynamic team won the coveted FA Youth Cup back in1992.

Beckham went on to help United win the Premiership title six times and the FA cup as well. In September 1994 Beckham made a full appearance against Port vale in the prestigious League Cup. His first goal for the team was scored during a match against Galatasaray in the Champions League. The team won the match with a knockout 4-0 but it wasn’t good enough to make it to the finals.

Beckham married his sweetheart, Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls fame in 1999, with their 4 month old son Brooklyn in attendance. Between the marriage and the baby and Beckham’ celebrity status in the entertainment industry, his focus and priorities seemed to shift form being a mere team player to a glamorous celebrity which puts him into opposite sides with the team’s famous coach Alex Ferguson. The misunderstandings catapulted into a more serious state and Beckham moved on to sign up with Real Madrid with a contract fee of £25million.

Beckham left Manchester United for real Madrid and stayed there for four seasons. During the final season, he helped Real Madrid clinched the La Liga title which is Beckham’s only trophy with this new club. In January of 2007, Beckham announced his intention to leave Real Madrid to join the Los Angeles Galaxy for a five year period. His exit was dramatic and during his final match with Real, he helped the team clinched the La Liga championship.

Beckham’s newest contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy, turned him into the footballer with the highest salary ever in the history of MLA. His first debut with the team in July in a friendly match against Chelsea and he scored his first goal for the team in the semi-finals of the SuperLiga championship.
Today, the football superstar resides in the exclusive Beverly Hills, California with his wife Victoria and their 3 sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

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