Mike Tyson was known as the highly controversial heavyweight boxing champ during the 1900s. The era of Mike Tyson was filled with sensational stories of his athletic prowess and his unfortunate encounters with the law because of his uncontrollable anger and sexual assaults. Because of these series of vicious behaviors, he was known as the most notorious boxers of his time for his aggressive behaviors inside the ring and out.

In spite of these issues he had with the law and his social shortcomings, his talent was purely undeniable. He is a genius and a prodigy where boxing is concerned. His relentless speed and accuracy plus his fearsome ways in the boxing ring earned him the World Boxing Council Heavyweight Title back in 1986. He became the youngest man ever to win the coveted title. The following year, he won another title of the World Boxing Association and he was referred to as the invincible”Iron Mike”. He was the ultimate champion of his era and seems totally unbeatable. For instance, in 1988 he knocked off Michael Spinks, the previously undefeated champion in just 91 seconds and the match and the victory earned him a whopping $20 million.

Let’s look a little closer at this controversial man and how he became the World champion we know today.
Michael Gerard Tyson was born in 1966 in Brooklyn New York. His biological father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick left the family when Mike was two years old. His distraught mom tried to juggle between motherhood and financially supporting the family and little Mike found his way into a street gang. He got into trouble with the law many times during his childhood. He was arrested in an armed robbery in 1978 and was sent to the Tyron Correction School for juveniles. This is a move that changed his life forever.

At the Tyron correctional school, the physical education teacher noticed Mike’s natural talent for boxing and introduced the young man to D ‘Amato, a famous trainer who happened to live nearby. Tyson loved being under the new structure and discipline. His intense training to be the next World champion begins. When his mother Lorna Tyson died, Tyson moved in with D’Amato and his trainer became his legal guardian.

He was ready to take on the world with his boxing skills. In March1988, he stepped into the ring for the first time. His first fight was held in Albany, New York. Many people were amazed at his extremely developed skills and natural talent and most assume that D Amato has created the ultimate boxing championship. Sadly, the man did not live to see the fruits of his labor. He died in November at the age of 77. Mike went on to capture the world of boxing and the hearts of boxing aficionados all over the world. He won his first title when he beat Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council. At the age of 20, Mike was named as the youngest ever heavyweight champion in the history of boxing.

Tyson was revered for his strength, skills and accuracy. At the height of his career, Tyson was known as the unbeatable champion of the boxing world. In spite of his tremendous success, Tyson came into trouble with the law again when he arrested and convicted of the rape of Muss Black Rhodes Islands. He was sentenced to prison for this offense. He came into trouble again with charges of felony and drunk driving later in his life.

Mike was married three times and has seven children with different women. Tyson’s seven children include son D’Amato Kilrain, Michael Rayna, Amir, Miguel, Exodus, and Milan. In May, Tyson’s life was hit with tragedy when Miguel found the dangling and unconscious Exodus from a treadmill in their home. She was untangled by her mother and sent to the hospital. The accident proved to be fatal.

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