LeBron James is the superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He quickly won his way to become the star Guard of his team after he jumped straight from high school into the NBA. It was the same time that he signed up for a $90 million contract with Nike. This is indeed a startling difference from his humble beginnings where his childhood was tainted with financial misfortunes and the absence of a biological father by his side.

The life story of James LeBron and his successes in spite of his shortcomings never fails to inspire and motivate us.
This basketball prodigy was born on December 30, 1984, in Ohio. James never knew his biological father. His mother, Gloria was his world and his biggest fan. She was the one who inspired James to believe in himself and to pursue his talents in baseball. His biological father was reputed to be a stellar street basketball but this was never proven. James is very devoted to his mother, Gloria and has a tattoo with her name on his arm.

LeBron James wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His mother switched jobs and moved homes often as money was scarce and she could not afford to pay the rent sometimes. When James was five, they had moved seven times. Because of severe financial constraints, James has to miss a large chunk of his elementary school days and had to live with foster family for tow years. The only father figure he knew was his mother’s boyfriend, Eddie Jackson. He was fortunate to have found his passion, basketball, early on in life. His interest for this sport grew bigger towards the end of elementary school and because of his innate talent, both he and his mother lived with a basketball coach Frankie Walkie for several years.
As a high school player, James was an instant hit. He led Fighting Irish to an astounding 27-0 record and the performance during the Ohio State Basketball championship was even more amazing. James averaged around 18 point for each game and he was an instant superstar. Fighting Irish won 27-01 and took the championship for the second time.

James became a national celerity as soon as he reached the age of 17. He had successfully led his own team into the third championship four years in a in a row and the USA Today made him the High School National Champion. Several other organizations happily named him as the Player Of The Year,.
James was drafted by The Cleveland Cavaliers. He turned professional and became the youngest player ever to win more than 50 points in a single game. He signed a t $10.8 million contract with the Cavaliers but this would seem a minuscule amount when compared to the numerous endorsements contract with Nike, Sprite, Powerads, and other big corporations that were interested to gain a slice of his popularity and celebrity endorsement. He was paid more than $100 million for those endorsements and LeBron James became both a basketball sensation and a multi-millionaire.

He won several titles to his name and was subsequently named as the Parade Magazine’s Player of the Year in 2002. He was also given the award as Rookie of the Year 2003/2004.

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