While it is the middle of the baseball season, there’s still time to place a futures bet on the most popular sporting event in baseball, the World Series. Since it is still too early for any team to have officially clinched their division championship, the winners are anyone’s guess. Many sports bettors will place this type of bet before the season even begins. This is when the risk is the greatest, therefore some odds can be locked in that could possibly produce a large payout.

However, placing a futures bet in the middle of the season is less risky. It also gives bettors a chance to peruse the current status of various teams to try to make a more informed decision. With over 30 teams in Major League Baseball, it is not an easy task. Some will also bet on which teams will win their division pennants. The most methodical way of studying team performance is to go through each division. By narrowing these down to single teams, it then can become easier to decide which team you believe will win the World Series in the fall. Granted the payout won’t be as large from a futures bet placed in the middle of the season, however, the risk is greatly reduced.

When making futures bets, it is a while until the results are known. Therefore, other ways in which to enjoy baseball are found such as through playing slot machine games at online casinos. King of Swing is one of many baseball related slot machines that can be found. This game has one of the best bonus features. This occurs when both reel 1 and reel 5 have the pitcher symbols on them. A pitcher will then appear on the screen along with a batter. The batter will of course try to hit different pitches thrown by the pitcher. Strikes earn one free game while singles, doubles and triples earn 2, 3 or 5 free games.