Wayne Rooney is a football sensation with skills that astounds the admirers and lovers of this sport since his first debut. During his teens, he has amassed contract worth millions of pounds which gives him the prestige and the luxurious lifestyle he enjoy today. But Rooney is more than just a golden boy in the football field; he is a legend that arose out of the humble suburbs of Liverpool. He is the son of Jeanette and Wayne Rooney, Sr, two very avid fans of the local soccer team.

Wayne Mark Rooney was born in Croxteth, on October 24, 1985 to two very loyal Everton supporters who raised their sons to become fanatical fans of the Everton soccer team. In fact, Wayne had the posters of Everton team plastered over his bedroom wall when he was a child and he was even selected to be the mascot a Merseyside derby when he was 12. Wayne did not have a grand childhood with lavish spread or expensive toys, instead he lived and grew up in a relatively poor area in the suburbs of Croxteth and he channeled his passion for football by playing for his local boys club, the Junior League. He was only nine years old when was first spotted by an Everton talent scout, and was subsequently accepted into the Everton Academy.

The feisty youngster made his first Premier League debut in August 2002 in a match against Tottenham. In October, the talented young player scored his first goal with the team and led his team to a 2-1 victory against Arsenal. His amazing performance earned him the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year (Young Personality) back in 2002.
Rooney began playing for England in February and he was the youngest player ever to join the team. Ironically he managed to score a goal for his team in spite of his young age and lack of experience. Rooney was undoubtedly the top scorer during the Euro 2004 that he gained so munch attention and comments from the other players and spectators of the match. People compared his style and talents to that of Pele, the Brazilian soccer superstar whose talents shone and emerged during the World Cup of 1958. In fact some magazines and fans called him as “El Blanco Pele” or the white Pele. It was only matter of time when other powerful and famous clubs began to take serious note of this youngster and attempted to sign him up for a hefty sum. Manchester United was quick to grab the opportunity and offered a six year deal worth $48.3 million. He was signed on by the Manchester United towards the end of August, 2004.

The sensational superstar has been linked to episodes of hot temperedness and tantrums and his frequent rumored trysts with prostitutes, has led many to believe that he is an unruly character who does not posses any sentimental aspects to his nature. That proves to be inaccurate. He wed his high school sweetheart Coleen in June 2006. Coleen gave birth to their son, Kai Wayne Rooney on November 2, 2009.

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